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G2e Services

Get objective advice to help you navigate the complexity of small and large electrification projects so your experience will be pleasant, the costs stay reasonable, and the outcome is satisfying!

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Let's have a 30-minute conversation to discuss what you'd like to do, what's getting in the way, and whether G2e Advisors can help.

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Electrical System Checkup

Whether you're planning to install an EV charger, a heat pump water heater, or something else, it's a good idea to get a checkup of your home electrical system. Many electricians will look at the wiring behind the panel cover but that's not a thorough assessment. G2e Advisors will ...

  • Calculate the electrical load of your home and how much room you have to grow

  • Determine whether your electrical panel and utility service need an upgrade to support your plans

  • Help you plan for new circuits and upgrades, if needed

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Working with Contractors

An excellent contractor here in central California says the hardest part of his job is building trust with customers. Unfortunately, there are just enough bad contractors to make life difficult for the ones who are trustworthy, competent, and charge fair prices.

Here are some ways G2e Advisors can help you work with contractors:

  • Prepare you to ask informed questions and evaluate the answers contractors give

  • Review quotes that are complicated or confusing

  • Meet a contractor with you, if desired

G2e Advisors works for its clients and only its clients. There are no referral fees from contractors to influence our recommendations.

Planning Services

Switching from gas to electricity can get complicated. Good planning prevents mistakes that cost time and money.

G2e Advisors will help you develop a detailed electrification plan that:


  • Aligns with your goals and budget

  • Avoids common mistakes

  • Maximizes rebates and tax credits

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