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About G2e Advisors

We’re in the midst of an energy transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. The question is no longer whether but how long it will take to make the transition. This said, we need to move really fast because the negative effects of using fossil fuels are more costly and felt more strongly every year due to climate change. That’s the bad news.


The good news is we can reduce our carbon emissions and live better by using electricity instead of combustion to power our homes and transportation. Better means safer, healthier, with more comfort, and at lower cost over time.


G2e (gas-to-electric) Home Energy Advisors was founded with the following goals:


  1. Speed the transition from the use of fossil fuels in our homes and transportation to electricity generated from clean, renewable sources.

  2. Help people navigate the complexity and decisions of electrification so the journey is pleasant, the costs are reasonable, and the outcome is satisfying.

  3. Level the economic playing field by assisting homeowners with low incomes at little or no cost compared to G2e clients that have greater financial means.


G2e Advisors is the second act career of an engineer and businessman who cares deeply about the planet and how our children will live. I work for my clients and no one else. Your goals for electrification, not mine, will shape my guidance.


I can help you make the transition from gas to electricity. The journey will be less hazardous with a guide who knows the way. You'll get to your destination faster, with less effort, and save money.


Mark Woods

Principal Advisor

G2e Home Energy Advisors LLC

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