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Electrify for a Better Way of Life

Live Better While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
  • Homes that use electricity instead of gas for heating and cooking are safer, healthier, and more comfortable

  • Electric vehicles make our air cleaner and streets quieter

  • Solar energy systems with batteries cut electric bills and keep things running when the grid goes down

G2e Home Energy Advisors can help you make the transition

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Rebates and tax credits

Generous financial incentives can reduce costs and shorten the payback period for your electrification investments.

Increase your real estate value

Homes with electrification features are selling faster and for more as climate conscious buyers become mainstream.


Get objective advice

There’s a lot to know when making the switch from gas to electricity. And the process can get complicated. You may be asking ...

  • What’s involved with each change?

  • Are upgrades to my home electrical system needed?

  • What are the costs, ongoing savings, and payback period?

  • Who can I trust to do the work and charge a fair price?

G2e Home Energy Advisors was founded to help homeowners find answers to these questions.

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